Customized Carb Cycling Solution Review by Matt Stirling

Product Name: Customized Carb Cycling Solution

Product Author: Matt Stirling

Bonuses: Yes

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Matt Stirling’s Customized Carb Cycling Solution program is made for people who want to drop some unwanted fat, Performing Better in and out of the gym, and those simply looking to improve their body composition while enjoying their favorite high carb foods.

What is the Customized Carb Cycling Solution?

The Customized Carb Cycling Solution is the simple 3-phase power system that customizes your carbohydrate intake to your workouts, and body fat percentage targets. Here are the three phases of the program so that you know what you’re getting into before you buy:

  • Carb Solution Step 1

Here, you Fill out the easy-to-do detailed questionnaire for your starting point.

  • Carb Solution Step 2

Here, the program calculates your carbs, fats, proteins, calories and supply you with food choices too.

  • Carb Solution Step 3

Here, you’ll have all of the information that you need to proceed with your carb intake.

This program will allow you to burn fat faster, build bigger muscles and take your physique to the next level without giving up any of your favorite foods! It will also show you how it is possible to build bigger muscles, burn fat faster and take your physique to the next level without avoiding the preferred tasting carbohydrates that make life incredible!

The three most important factors you should customize your carbohydrate intake around for faster muscle-building and fat loss results:

  • Your Individual Activity levels
  • Your Body Fat Levels
  • Your physique and performance goals


What Are The Phases You Will Get From Customized Carb Cycling Solution?


Reboot Phase– Allow the Weight Loss Start Instantly

No Lasting success starts without a good foundation and that’s exactly what this phase is about. It’s about setting your body up for the ability to actually burn more fat for fuel while eating carbs in the following phases.

The most significant fat loss happens in this phase, with people dropping 5, 7 even as much as 11 pounds of pure body fat in the initial 5-14 days and nights. This is done without crashes or rebounds that ruin your metabolism too by the way…

This known effect of depleting carbs is what actually signals your body to release Fat-for-fuel and crank up the metabolism!

Carb Clocking Phase– The Reintroduction Phase

This phase is for the person who is relatively lean and want to build muscle mass, while still eating carbohydrates – it is learning how to maximize the nutrient timing. This is where you can eat carbs and not store them as fat… the restart is set so that the body knows exactly when to use fat for fuel when you need it! The synergistic approach to eating carbohydrates when they most need to accompany your grueling workouts will do for a one-two great feel and get slimmer by the day!

Carb Cycling Phase– Dialing within the body for optimum conditioning and appearance

Carb Cycling gives you the mental and physical ability you need day after day to keep crushing you in the gym and getting thinner by the time! I had the choice of 3 days in scientifically calculated carbohydrates that are based on the numbers you are asked to put into the application which sets what you need next. It gives you the possibility to strategically place your carbohydrate highs when you need it more than especially specializing in weak body parts or perform intense training sessions.


  • Getting Started Guide
  • Rock-Hard Muscle Workout Guide
  • Supplement Guide
  • Customized Carb Cycling Web App
  • Carb Cycling Meal Guide
  • Slabs of ABS- Ab Workout Training Guide


  • Easy to follow steps for a Customized Carb Cycling Solution,
  • Professional approach,
  • Samples of all the required documents,
  • Customized Carb Cycling Solution is immediately downloadable,
  • Customized carb cycling solution program comes with a 100% money back guarantee.


  • Customized Carb Cycling Solution is only available in the online version. This requires a reliable Internet connection and a device that can read the text.
  • Your results may vary. All testimonials are real but are not claimed to represent typical results



Of course, you have full confidence and get a 100% perfect result in this exciting project behind in private investment. If you are not satisfied, simply send an email to the editor and you’ll instantly replay in full. So do not miss this opportunity. Grab these secrets NOW to receive full benefits.

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