Follow Me Fitness Review By ALLISON GREEN

Follow Me Fitness Review – Is this program legit or scam?

  • Product Name: Follow Me Fitness.
  • Author Name: Allison Green.
  • Official Website: CLICK HERE

What is Allison Green Follow Me Fitness?

Allison Green Follow Me Fitness was created by Allison Green, who you may know from the band Millionaires or from television shows like the Bad Girls Club.

First Allison tried experimenting with a ton of different workout routines including Circuit Training, Bodybuilding, Yoga, and Strength Training…

After bouncing around between these workouts, she finally decided to come up with ONE program and commit to it in order to transform her body. So she worked with her fitness team to combine what she liked from these other workouts in order to develop a unique Diet and Exercise program for herself.

Allison want to prevent others from repeating her mistakes by educating them about proper diet and exercise strategies with her program! This 90-day program has enabled her to transform her lifestyle. Over time, she has been able to dramatically lose 27 lbs, while feeling more energetic, alive, and healthy.

How Does it Work?

Too many people are afraid of the gym and have misconceived notions about health and fitness, but with so many rumors flying around who can blame them?! It’s hard to know what to believe. Some of the popular health and fitness and well-being misconceptions which Allison dismiss in her system are:

  • Eating more can’t make you lose weight
  • Cardio is better for weight loss than weight training
  • Working out, especially weight lifting and strength training will make you look manly
  • You can’t work out if your body is sore
  • Calories are the most important part of being healthy

The program is a total of 12 weeks or 90 days, broken down into 3 distinct phases of 4 weeks each. The first two phases consist of a 3 day per week routine while the final phase is a 4 day per week routine, with each workout lasting approximately 1 hour. In addition, there is a stretching program that is to be used on rest days to help ensure that your body and muscles are safe and well protected.

Who Should Use This Program?

  • Beginners
  • Athletes
  • Experienced Exercise Fanatics
  • Women Who Want A “Model Physique”
  • Anyone Who Wants To Become An Expert On The Science Of Fitness and Nutrition.
  • Anyone – PERIOD!

So What Do You Get when you purchase the program?

  • A Complete 90-Day Workout+Nutrition Guide+Stretching Routine delivered digitally at purchase.
  • 90 Day Workout Program With Instructional Videos
  • Allison Green’s Nutrition Guide And 30 Days Of Meal Prep
  • Daily Stretch Routine – Follow Along Video


Conclusion :

Briefly, if you are searching for a RELIABLE fitness program and diet system that can and will work for you, then Allison green’s follow me fitness program may be the right system for you, You can order it through the brand’s website for just $47.


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